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37095/48/li Svítidlo závěsné 3x15W LED


EAN: 5413987103223

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Soumen středa, 24. dubna 2013 (5:57) 2

I think it is fascinating how those of us aware that the clsalpoe/change is inevitable and needed are able to prepare and see a bright future ahead.The only draw back we can see is how long the government and other groups will try to enforce the status quo- making change very hard- while it would be easy and only doable (on a large scale) when it will be much harder.How can we share this enough to create a united vision? Can we package a sound bite that grasps it, or a 1 minute „elevator speech“. Not only do we need to make it easy to share- but we need to share our vision with complete confidence that the best can and will happen-